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Select available features for rich text field#112

I’d like to be able to choose which features are available for a rich text field. For example, I’d like the content editor to:

  1. Use heading levels from 2 to 4.
  2. Use embeds instead of attaching assets, as embedded assets have greater control over custom data such as alt tag and caption.
2 years ago

This is something that is considerably important to me too… I’ve been developing with CMS for 20+ years and I can’t think of a project where I haven’t needed to control the input of an rich editor…

Interestingly it is an option in ContentFul

2 years ago

Would love to see this! Don’t really want our content team to be able to insert iframes and images for example in a rich text field

2 years ago

You also need an html editor, most non-developer people know HTML but don’t know Markdown.

For example, it is not possible to align 3 images next to each other, because there is no html editor. The client would have to learn the Tailwind classes to get it.

a year ago