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Better handling of asset uploads#53


Apologies if I’m grouping a few requests but they seem to fall under the same general desire to deal with assets more effectively. GraphCMS handles image assets differently than a users’s filesystem. When uploading a new asset, new id’s are assigned but there is no safety net to advise a user that an indentically-named file has been uploaded.


  • a duplicate asset may be added
  • there may be two or more different assets with the same filename
  • there is no way to overwrite perhaps an incorrect asset with an updated version—asset replacement.


  • duplicate names cause pollution of assets
  • an editor is not aware they are uploading a duplicate
  • there is no way for an editor to easily update an asset, especially one that is already linked to an entry somewhere; they would have to delete the old one, upload a new one and establish its relationship to replace the old one.
  • entering custom field data after the upload is complete adds to total effort when it could be more efficient if done beforehand

When I upload an asset:

  • I would like to enforce uniqueness of filename
  • given a duplicate filename, be cautioned but have the option of overwriting it with this upload, allowing me to update an image without a lot of confusing effort
  • I would like to be able to enter data into the asset’s custom fields after I select or drag & drop but before I commit to the upload
5 years ago