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Advanced custom fields#65

The ability to add (non predefined) custom content fields to individual content entries. For example:

1 Title
3 Image
4 Content
5 (custom field) Type: Google Map, Display name: “Event location”
6 (custom field) Type: Repeater field, Display name: “Ticket pricing”

Content page
1 Title
3 Content
4 (custom field) Asset picker, Display name: “Fullwidth Image”
5 (custom field) Type: Multi line Text, Display name: “Quote”
6 (custom field) Asset picker, Display name: “Fullwidth Image”
7 (custom field) Type: Repeater field, Display name: “Specifications”

5 years ago

Can you elaborate that a bit more? Some use-cases and ideas how thar should look like would help.

5 years ago

Hey @Erwin Otten, I’m still not sure what you specifically mean by custom fields here. What would be the Asset Picker? Isn’t that an Asset Field?
Same about Google Map, this could be the Location field we already have.

5 years ago

Yes, these are existing field types

But custom fields can be added to one specific entry, directly from the content edit view

Take the blog example: it only has 4 predefined fields. The Google Map and Repeater field are added to only one specific blog post. Others blog posts will have an extra video, or a image gallery (Field group) etc.

The concept of custom fields, repeater fields and flexible content fields is a well know concept from Wordpress. It allows non-technical people to assemble unique content pages on the fly.

5 years ago

Thanks for the clarification!

5 years ago