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Automated backups & retention policy#77

Currently, the settings page allow to create manual backups.

Could we have a way of configuring automated backups? I’d like to configure an automated daily backup of my master and staging stages, and keep them for 3 months after what they’d be automatically deleted.

Ideally, I’d like to configure backups with short term retention (e.g: 3 months), and some with long term retention (e.g: 1y).

Configuring different backup retention is interesting for a security standpoint, I don’t need to keep backups that are 3 months+ old, but I’d like to keep one that has been made 6 month ago (but only one).

One simple way to achieve that would be to allow to configure multiple automated backup policies, where each backup policy has it’s own retention rule. For instance, that could lead to the following:

  • Create one daily backup of master stage at midnight and keep it for 3 months
  • Create one monthly backup of master stage at midnight and keep it for 3 years

Another alternative approach would be to create one backup policy and configure several rules to it, like using a higher retention value from time to time in order to keep some of the backups that have been made, that sounds cleaner.

4 years ago